What are the alternative login possibilities on your website?

In today’s era, people don’t like to fill time taking sign up forms. By keeping in view this, most of the websites have given alternate sign-in options to make this step quicker and hassle-free for users – They will basically login to the site using their social media accounts! Quite cool isn’t it? There are many Sign In Options one can integrate into a website. A few of them are shown below.

Google Sign-in

Google Sign-in buttons

Google account is an ultimate utility in 2020. Almost every internet user has a google account. Due to the stronghold of Android phones in the mobile industry, every android user is now confined to create a google account to manage the device’s workflow. Signing in with your Google account is considered a foremost choice for most users all over the world. Logging in to a new website becomes really easy if there is google Sign-in integration.

How to Integrate Google

Adding google sign in option is very much easy, you just have to integrate piece of Googles code on a specific page you want, where this feature should be shown and voila there goes the button. Be sure to specify the client ID in the script!

To integrate the google sign-in option to your website, just follow this link: https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/web/sign-in

Facebook Login

Facebook Login button

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Even many people have more than one account on Facebook. People nowadays have become habitual of scrolling daily news feed in their free hours. That’s the reason Facebook’s mobile application is used more than the desktop version. Facebook login option is the second most preferred method for the users. Some people are hesitant to log in to a new website with Facebook. But still, it is a widely preferred option and available in many web and mobile applications.

How to Integrate Facebook Login

For this job, you will require facebook SDK for Java script. You can only get that from facebook’s developer’s portalIt is the simplest integration as compared to others.

To integrate the Facebook sign-in option to your website, just follow this link.


Apple ID

Sign in with Apple button

This option has its limitations. Although there are many Apple users all over the world still, it is only confined to Apple device users. Google and Facebook have an open audience but Apple has a limited audience. This login option is preferred especially by websites that are selling Apple-based products or services. Many apps on the Apple store have Apple Sign-In options.

How to Integrate Apple ID

For this, you have to get an Apple configuration key. This key will be used to configure Apple Sign in button in your website.

To integrate the Apple ID sign-in option to your website, just follow this link.


LinkedIn Account

Sign in with Linked in button

Linkedin is a professional social media platform specially made for professional networking. Many websites serve an option of login in with a LinkedIn account. Slideshare is one of the best examples. Linkedin is confined to professional users only, that’s the reason, and this type of sign-in option is not widely used as others. Moreover, many professionals do not have LinkedIn accounts too. But still, websites can add this option if they want a professional audience.

How to integrate Linkedin

To integrate LinkedIn login solution into your website, you have to open the developers portal of LinkedIn after logging in. Fill the requirements form and a secret key will be generated which you will further use in your application.

To follow all necessary steps related to  integration of LinkedIn sign-in option to your website, just follow this link.



Above all are alternative login possibilities you can integrate into your website along with the help links. The purpose to add this integration feature is to facilitate your visitor quickly pass through the login process. If you want to start with one or two options first addressing wider audience, then we would recommend you to try Google Sign-in or Facebook Login. Though maybe if your site is specific niche – e.g. aimed at workers, then Linkedin Sign in could be the answer.

[The original article was written in English. To other languages it was automatically translated by Google Translate]

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