We also offer support after the creation of your website, such as help with content creation, updates, consultations or development.

Our collaboration does not have to end with the delivery of the finished website, on the contrary, we are fully open to long-term cooperation and would appreciate it. We want to accompany you on a successful journey, whether it is the development of other functionalities on existing websites or the creation of new pages. In this case, we will try to use the synergies between your sites (eg the possibility of duplication of some functionalities, design elements, etc.).

Our specialists will also be happy to help you with online marketing and management of your profile on social media. We go even further, as we can run your online store on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and connect it to your website. For example, the customer will be able to read thorough information about your services or products on the website and then complete the order via Facebook.

List of activities

  • Support in case of problems with the website and advice
  • Social media management (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Online Marketing (Creation of landing pages, newsletters and campaigns)
  • Hosting and operations management (performance measurement and optimization, backups)
  • A / B testing of variants of individual pages
  • Continuous SEO optimization
  • Content creation
  • Further development