Presentation of beautiful travel blogs. And what to focus on when creating them?

Travel blogs have long been among the most popular blogs about food and fashion, which attract people’s attention most often. Their popularity lies mainly in the fact that thanks to them, you can look at places where you would normally never look in your life, and at the same time they serve as an inspiration for many people to go on their next vacation.

However, it should be noted that it is travel blogs that suffer from the limitations associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Simply put, creators now can’t afford to go to all the places they want to go. However, you can still come across a lot of active travel blogs on the Internet that will captivate you with their interesting content. We will look at the most interesting ones in the following lines, and at the same time we will tell you what to focus on when creating your own travel blog, so that it can also attract other travellers.

The most interesting travel blogs

1) Expert Vagabond

If you like unusual places, adventures and at the same time want to get to know the real life of ordinary people, then the Expert Vagabond blog is tailor-made for you. Matt, who is behind the whole project, travels almost exclusively to more exotic destinations, where adventure awaits him on literally every corner – we can name, for example, remote parts of sub-Saharan Africa or practically unexplored parts of Afghanistan.

Apart from the fact that Matt is a great writer and his blog posts are read with one joy, he can supplement them with authentic photographs. And it is the authenticity of his photos that makes his blog such an exceptional place. But we must also highlight how he can pass on his travel experiences and knowledge to other travellers – he always does so simply, but at the same time in a fun way. In short, Expert Vagabond will easily get you and engulf you.

2) Travel Freak

If we were to choose a travel blog that will excite you with a lot of useful advice and information on how and where to travel, then it would be Travel Freak. This is a de facto online travel guide that will not only help you choose a suitable destination where you should go next time, but also outline everything you need to arrange before traveling – from obtaining quality travel equipment to taking out all the necessary insurance.

Travel Freak is designed so that you always find what you are looking for. The content is clearly categorized, at the same time there is a search function on the blog. For example, you can easily find tips on working abroad in it. If you want to learn as much as you can about travel, this blog by adventurer and photographer Jeremy, who has been traveling the world for more than 10 years, is a perfect choice for you.

3) Chubby Diaries

While other travel blogs try to attract mainly attractive photos and interesting destinations, Chubby Diaries is different in this aspect, as it focuses primarily on the practical side of travel. And not just any kind of travel, it is intended for people who are overweight, which makes it difficult for them to travel at certain times – for example, finding a suitable seat in which they can sit can be a problem.

So this is living proof that a travel blog can succeed even if it focuses on a specific problem. In addition, everything is served with ease and humour to Jeff, the author of the blog. In addition to useful information for plus size travel, the Chubby Diaries blog includes a variety of tips and inspiration for travellers of all sizes and weight categories. In short, this travel blog is worth a visit.

4) Classe Touriste

Classe Touriste is a travel blog that will fascinate visitors at first sight, as it is designed in a minimalist design and the individual texts resemble newspaper articles in their style. Thanks to this, you will feel that you are reading a newspaper full of interesting stories from around the world. In addition, all articles are accompanied by a number of photos from places that are not easy to get to at all – for example, from North Korea.

And the selection of non-traditional places complemented by engaging stories and photographs is why Classe Touriste deserves to be on this list of the most beautiful travel blogs. At the same time, we quite like the mission of this blog, as it aims to get people to explore more remote and uncharted places, while paying attention to the quality of travel over its quantity – simply put, the goal should not be to visit as many countries as possible, but to take away maximum knowledge from each place.

5) Adventurous Kate

Not for nothing was Adventurous Kate, as the author of the blog nicknames her, was named one of the 10 most influential travel influencers by Forbes magazine. Her blog is aimed primarily at women who decide to start traveling on their own axis. Kate herself decided to quit her job in 2010 and start traveling around the world on her own. In this way, she has already visited almost 90 countries, including, for example, many countries in Southeast Asia. She also recently visited Prague.

As for her blog, we were especially interested in the style in which it is written. It is a completely authentic story from her travel life, supplemented by no less authentic photographs, which are quite different in style from other travel blogs. See for yourself. But the main message of this blog is to tell others to get rid of their fears of traveling and embark on a new adventure.

6) Maptia

Maptia is a project backed by dozens of experienced travellers and researchers who have set themselves the goal of creating a blog that will become a source of information and inspiration for other travellers. This created a website which, in addition to a number of useful tips and travel experiences, also attracts with its timeless design, which is literally a feast for the eyes. This is exactly what a blog should look like that we can consider beautiful and beneficial.

The main reason to visit this site, however, are incredibly interesting stories that capture the best moments from the journeys that the creators of this blog have experienced. You can read here, for example, about meeting whales or the functioning of a village located in remote parts of the coldest Russian region. In short, the selection of stories is really varied and everyone will find what interests them. Of course, each of the stories is complemented by photographs, which further enhance the whole experience of browsing the posts.

Want to create a travel blog? What to watch out for?

If you would also like to share your travel experiences with the world, then you can embark on creating your own travel blog. Nowadays, it’s more than easy, you can use a variety of freely available tools to help you create it, or you can entrust its creation to professionals who create websites.

Whether you decide on any of these options, then know that this is only an initial step, because in the case of travel blogs, it is not as important as the blog page is perfectly technically functional and up to the highest technology standards, but other parameters are absolutely key. So what to focus on when creating a travel blog?

It will not work without useful information

It is absolutely essential that your travel blog is full of useful information, because it is for them that the largest percentage of visitors will visit it. Therefore, definitely do not omit practical information from your articles about, for example, where to stay cheaply in the vicinity of the location you visited. Ideally, such information should be conveyed in the clearest possible form, but this does not necessarily mean that it should be presented at the expense of the fun of the article. The fun of blog posts is also something you could reach out to your readers – but of course there is no single piece of advice on how to achieve this.

Likewise, when creating a travel blog, focus on formal work with text, regardless of whether you run a blog in the form of a diary or ordinary articles. So the blog should also impress with the style of the text – highlight the most important passages in your story, while of course avoiding grammatical errors. Everything else then depends on your ability to create an article that will interest other travellers.

Photos and Videos – The line between success and failure of a blog

If we have only mentioned so far the importance of nicely written and attention-grabbing text, then the use of suitable photographs in articles is perhaps even more important, as it is the photos that usually attract attention first. It is especially important that the introductory photo to the blog post is nice and to some extent unusual, because it is the image who decides, together with the title, whether the reader clicks on the article at all.

From this point of view, photos of natural beauties and people are especially interesting, photos of monuments are more suitable for the text, not as an introductory photo. It’s also a good idea to make blog posts special about videos that draw visitors even more into the action and give them a taste of the magic of the place. It is video production that has experienced an unusual boom in recent years, so definitely start creating travel videos, you will certainly not regret it. At the very least, you will have a video memory of your travels.

Pay attention to authenticity

The word authenticity in one or another form has appeared several times in this article, and it’s no wonder, because authenticity is something that the masses can like about your travel blog. If you pass on to your visitors a completely authentic travel experience, you will sooner or later identify with them in a certain way and thus become regular visitors to your blog.

So definitely do not disguise yourself in your posts and do not invent, always try to provide your readers and followers with the most believable experience of your travels. Also, try to take photos as authentic as possible and do not chase after the sensation at all costs. In the vast majority of cases, visitors to travel blogs want to get to know the place in the most authentic form.

Help him solve the problem of other travelers

You can also be inspired by the Chubby Diaries blog, which solves the problems of obese travellers. Just when you can create a concept that benefits people, your travel blog can thrive in a flood of other blogs. But again, it requires a lot of skill and, last but not least, a little luck.

Last but not least, change the design of the site – it should be minimalist and simple so that it does not prevent visitors from using them and easy orientation on them. Also, don’t miss linking your blog to social networks. Nowadays, when many people live on social networks, this point is especially crucial so that other people can even know about your travel blog. All this to our advice on how to create a travel blog and what to focus on when creating it. We hope they help you.

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