Platforms to Learn E-Commerce Web Development and Design

By the end of 2020, e-commerce sales are predicted to hit $6.5 trillion in sales and that number is forecasted to continue increasing. With platforms such as Shopify, WiX, BigCommerce, and Weebly democratizing the ability to launch and open online businesses for ordinary entrepreneurs, more demand has shifted for hiring web developers that specialize their expertise around these big-name web builders. Just in 2019, there were over 800,000 Shopify stores in operation by digital entrepreneurs. The benefit of using these platforms is the user-friendliness of their back-offices for managing the overall business. With the shift in demand towards opening e-commerce stores through the named platforms, an opportunity exists for those interested in starting their web development career by learning how to develop and design professional looking e-commerce stores. Plenty of free resources exists and several media platforms are recommended for those looking for the top platforms to learn e-commerce web development and Design.


When it comes to learning web development and design, one of the best ways to learn is through YouTube. The ability to follow an over the shoulder visual approach to learning web development and design makes YouTube a very compelling place to start. One of the best channels to follow is Dan Dasilva.

Producing YouTube videos primarily focused on Shopify, Dan Dasilva teaches on a business model known as Shopify drop-shipping. However, the step-by-step tutorial videos on setting up Shopify stores are easy to follow along too and really help with beginners getting started. It’s not enough to know just how to build a store but you should clearly understand what your potential client’s objectives are. Understanding the different business models and strategies also help with getting the right thought process together for designing the website.

View Dan Dansilva on YouTube:


Podcasts are a popular form of learning and when it comes to web development and design for e-commerce, Spotify is a great resource to leverage. Podcasts are great for cramming additional information during activities when you cannot necessarily watch a video. Examples include while driving a car or working out at the gym. 

One great podcast to follow through Spotify is the eCommerce Growth Show presented by Omniconvert. As mentioned, a requirement of designing e-commerce stores is understanding the ideal functionality needed to achieve your client’s goals. The eCommerce Growth Show does an excellent job interviewing experts within the field of e-commerce and sharing best practices that web developers and designers can take away and implement directly into their current and future projects. Although recommended for developers that have some experience building stores, beginners can take a lot of good information back that will help them build a solid foundation in their early journey towards learning web development and design. 

Listen to eCommerce Growth Show on Spotify:

Other Notable Sources


Open online course platform. A wide variety of classes are available that teach how to use different web builders or how to build a site from scratch using popular coding languages. Majority of classes featured on the platform are available for a low cost.

Recommendation WiX:

Recommendation Shopify:


A variety of blogs are published on the internet around teaching beginners how to build their first e-commerce site. One such site is A variety of blog posts offer helpful tutorials with a step-by-step guide on how to get started.



Another widely known online course platform is Coursera. Similar to Udemy, Coursera offers a variety of classes taught by experts in the field. If you are looking for a more traditional education around building websites, then Coursera is a great option for you.


Final Thoughts 

E-commerce web development and design is a growing field. Now more than ever, anyone interested in starting a new career or side business can learn the skills and best practices needed to start through multiple platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. Dan Dasilva and the eCommerce Growth Show are great resources to leverage that are free to begin the process of learning the fundamentals of creating professional e-commerce websites.

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