How to use affiliate marketing on web?

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and at the same time most popular ways you can start making money on your website, ie your social network. Specifically, it is a marketing tool that works on the basis of a commission system, where on the one hand there is a seller of services or products and on the other hand an intermediary, whose goal is to bring the customer through a so-called affiliate link and get him to buy goods and then he gets paid a commission for it.

So, as the logic shows, your website can stand on either side of the barricade – either you can use affiliate marketing to promote the sale of your products and services, or you can place others’ affiliate links on your website and start earning money. In the following article, we will take a closer look at both ways and tell you how to make the most effective use of affiliate marketing on your website.

Increase conversions with affiliate marketing

If you decide to increase conversions with affiliate marketing, you can target not only to increase sales of goods, but also to increase the number of registrations on your website, then first of all you certainly do not avoid creating a unique affiliate line and cookies associated with it – information which will allow the identification of both the customer and the intermediary. Only thanks to them is it possible to know who performed the required action (purchase, registration, etc.) and who brought it to your website.

The creation of an affiliate link, which must always contain a unique partner ID, can then be started either completely on your own, or you can use the services of one of the affiliate networks, such as, which will take care of its creation for you. Of course, both solutions have their pros and cons, so it is not clear which option is the right one for your website.

You can’t do without a conversion tracking program

Another important tool that you will need if you want to use affiliate marketing to support the increase in conversions of your site is a program that allows you and intermediaries to track all statistics on conversions. One of the possible variants is, for example, Affilbox, an interesting alternative for the more demanding is FirstPromoter.

Again, there are two options – either you buy such a program for your website at your own expense, or you join one of the affiliate networks that have such a program as part of their services. And that’s practically all of them. The disadvantage of the second solution, however, is that the networks take commissions from brokered trades (often up to 30%), on the other hand, they are able to agree on a large number of partners to help your site grow.

Make money by placing affiliate links on your website

As already mentioned, the second way to use affiliate marketing on your website is to place affiliate links on it of your partners and receive commissions from sales done on their websites. Where can you get these links? You can try your luck – either you can contact a specific company with a request to create an affiliate link, or you can look for a company that offers products / services that would be thematically appropriate for your site and which already has a link created and often publicly available on their website. Nowadays, affiliate marketing is so widespread that you will definitely find one.

However, if you do not want to find partners on your own, you can again use some of the affiliate networks, which connect intermediaries with advertisers who are interested in promoting their services or products through affiliate marketing. Again, this is not possible without paying commissions for mediated conversions.

How to place affiliate links on the web to make you money?

If you already have an affiliate link, it’s your turn to place it on the web. Unfortunately, many people think that it will be enough to create a banner with a link (often you also get it ready), and place it somewhere at the bottom of the site or on the sidebar. However, this is complete nonsense, at least in case you want higher profitability of your site. Banners alone are no longer enough, although their use is still worthwhile and we recommend it.

Today, it is absolutely essential to actively create content related to the product / service on which you will have a link on your website. So add themed articles and videos to your site as well, so you can get higher clicks, and therefore higher conversions and commissions. Based on these findings, there is nothing to stop you from making money on your website through affiliate marketing. You can then see how successful each affiliate campaign is in one of the statistical affiliate programs (see above).

Prohibited practices or What not to do

So far, we have only mentioned what to do to get the most out of affiliate marketing on your site through permitted practices – by promoting affiliate links through thematic content, etc. However, there are practices that are not allowed and should be avoided because they may also be fined.

In particular, we should not redirect entire pages to the final address of the affiliate campaign, as this could lead to speculators buying domains and redirecting them to the affiliate link address. Furthermore, it is not possible to enter other than a brand name in PPC ads – to avoid confusing the consumer. Last but not least, it is necessary to avoid spam and placing links to places where it is not allowed.

[The original article was written in English. To other languages it was automatically translated by Google Translate]

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