How To Design Proper CTA (Call To Action On Website)

Safe to say that you open at least one website per day which has multiple pop-ups, like “Click here”, “Learn more”, “Get in touch” and “Add to Cart”. Now ask yourself, from the thousands of websites you visit, how many of them actually entice you enough to click on these pop-ups? This is where attractive and effective CTAs come to play.

CTA or Call to Action is a prompt telling the user to take certain actions on a website. It is undoubtedly essential for your brand. It essentially diverts traffic to your webpage by making it seem approachable and interesting. Websites that have one or more call to action options, creatively placed to match with their respective web design, tend to not only have more audience but also have recurring customers. This is because the audience feels involved, and has options to choose from, according to their requirement. Read on to know all about designing a proper CTA.

Type of CTA

One of the most common techniques to create an interactive website experience with your audience is to have a “Chat with us” button, either at the top of your page or as a pop-up. It gives the impression that you are interested to know their views, and wish to provide your services in a way that specifically caters to them.

Your CTA needn’t necessarily be standard or typical. Furthermore, websites with innovative CTAs actually fare better. Many businesses use creative CTA’s inspired by their website design or their brand names that pique the curiosity of the audience, hence bringing them back for more. For instance, phrases such as “Start Your New Life Now” are more interesting than a mere “Click Here.”

How to design your CTA?

Now, when it comes to creating an excellent CTA for your website, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

  • The design and visibility of your CTA with respect to the design of your website are very crucial. Additionally, the message it sends out is also essential.
  • Your CTA should compel your audience to use the services you provide. Your CTA should be crafted in such a way that it instantly grabs the user’s attention when they read your page or even open it.
  • It should be created and placed such that while through the page, the reader shouldn’t face any difficulty in finding the button. Hence, it is a good idea to have two or more CTA options while creating your website. Ensure that the two options aren’t identical.
  • The words you use for the CTA should be short, precise, and strong while showing the benefit of accepting your services to the user.

What NOT to do when designing CTA?

For better understanding, here’s an example of a bad CTA followed by its upgraded version.

Walmart’s previous web page looked something like this:

As you can see, this website loses much of its appeal because of the scattered use of colors. You may want your page to look vibrant and eye-catchy, but the correct selection of colors is crucial. Additionally, the page is bombarded with CTA options, and yet, none of them appropriately placed. A lack of attention to these seemingly small details can cost you hundreds of potential customers.

Now, take a look at Walmart’s current page:

You can instantly see the difference. A much more targeted, streamlined placing of CTAs, as well as a clean use of colors, is evident. Here, the scope of confusing a customer because of the sheer number of CTA options is minimal, if not nil, making this version undeniably better.

Testing your CTA

After creating your call to action option, remember to do A/B testing to test it. It gives you an understanding of the pulse of the audience that visits your website so you can identify your target audience better, and produce better output.

Distinguish your CTA

You must know how to distinguish your CTA based on the design of your website. Preferably, choose colors that contrast your general website design. For example, here is My Perfect Resume’s website. When you look at their page, you can find multiple CTA options, placed diligently to enhance the viewers’ experience.

My Perfect Resume provides the viewer with multiple CTA options that line perfectly with their website’s design.


Stating the purpose, goals, etc. of your business, on your website is a no-brainer. If a user does not find a CTA option, they are more likely to lose interest in your page, causing you to lose prospective customers. However, carefully designed, and placed, CTA options will intrigue your viewers, and compel them to avail your services. Your CTA needs to represent your brand in a way that makes your business irresistible for the audience. 

[The original article was written in English. To other languages it was automatically translated by Google Translate]

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