How to create a great logo

The goal of every company is to establish a long-term relationship with the customer based on trust and mutual satisfaction. Visual components are also an essential tool for building such a network of clients. One of the most important is undoubtedly the company logo. Such a logo becomes part of your company’s identity. Her signature. People may not remember the name or activity of the company, but they will remember the catchy logo immediately. No wonder marketing experts put so much emphasis on it.

So how do you design an elegant, unique and memorable logo?

Beauty in simplicity

The design of the logo consists mainly of shape and font. So both should be simple to plain. Such a great example is the McDonald’s logo, which you will recognize immediately without the company name. Using too many fonts or colors will only unnecessarily complicate the logo. This will confuse the customer and not tell them the message that the logo should send. The confusing logo sends negative impressions to the consumer. For example, that you are disorganized or even chaotic. So when it comes to choosing a font and shape, don’t rush. Try to focus on the impact of the logo. An unconventional but simple font will help you with that.

Be careful with the effects

We will stay with simplicity for a while. If your logo needs a lot of special effects just to make it look good, then the design is wrong and you should start all over again. Quality design does well without any special effects. So just design the base of the logo and then try different effects on the black and white version. You will see for yourself which design will subtly underline your logo and which will suffocate it.

Do not copy

When you create a logo for your business, you also create its identity. Your goal is for people to remember your company or your product by looking at the logo. However, if you get too inspired by the competition, the brand will lose its identity and logo and its meaning. Take the Korean Airs logo, for example. At first glance, you will not remember the airline, but the Pepsi drink, as both logos have the same shape and colors. As Pepsi is a stronger brand, only Korean Airs suffers. It may be a coincidence, but similarities to such a well-known brand should be avoided.

Bet on vector graphics

The logo is intended to partially replace the company name and should appear everywhere. For this reason, its size is changing for various promotional items. If you plan to use photos to create a logo, then quickly forget about it. Use software such as Adobe Illustrator to design your logo, because vector graphics ensure the same image quality at any size. Then you won’t have to deal with blurred logo issues. In addition, vector graphics can have a smirk. A great example is the logos of Twitter or Shell.

Think differently

Give way to your creativity. Follow the rules of simplicity and efficiency, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Distinguish your logo from the competition. For example, write down a few passwords or sentences that describe your company. Its meaning, functioning, philosophy. Then try to design a font, color, shape or even the whole logo for each word. You can put together the first design from the best ones later. An interesting example is the Amazon logo, where the company makes people happy by delivering almost all kinds of goods. That’s why their logo smiles.

Limit colors

Designs with too many colors look unworthy and amateurish. You may be tempted to add a lot of vibrant colors to your design. But even here it is true that less is more. Remember, color does not define your logo. However, its overall appearance is yes. So focus on its overall shape, you can play with the colors later. Try different shades, but always stick to simple color combinations. For example, type “color combo generator” into the image search engine and you will get countless palettes with unconventional and serious combinations. For example, the Škoda Auto brand won in its design with colors and shading, although it was still done very decently. Another good example is the WWF logo, where you can see that you can almost never do a bad job with simple black and white logo.

Keep fonts to a minimum

You may be tempted to use more than one font on your logo, believing that the resulting design will add originality to you. This is a common but not excusable mistake. Using several fonts in a single logo is as counterproductive as using scratched fonts. Your logo will be confusing, expiring and confusing for many customers. To create an unmistakable logo, bet on just one, but striking font – just like Prada or Calvin Klein.

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