How can you promote your business website on LinkedIn?

Even though LinkedIn has been around longer than Twitter or Facebook, it has entirely been overshadowed by other social media websites. Even with introducing some new changes, LinkedIn is altogether a different kind of a beast that needs exclusive technology to be used effectively.

It’s well known that LinkedIn is primarily a business-focused social site that lets the users create a flowchart of their careers, sketching out where they got their education, positions they acquired, and people they worked with. There are many features on LinkedIn that lets you network and interact at an individual level.

This information might not be as popular, but LinkedIn is also a very useful tool to promote business. Below is a list of ways that you can use to promote your business on LinkedIn and target your potential clients.

Let them know that your business is open

Creating a Company Profile

It’s essential to have a company profile because it gives you a different platform only to showcase what your organization does, and you get to have your background set up separately.

Using LinkedIn Polls

With LinkedIn Polls, you can get an easy and quick insight into what opinion your audience holds.

Answering Questions

You can create your identity as an “expert” by answering questions and solving queries posted by people.

Participating In Groups

You can promote your business and share your company information on group posts and get recognition.

Creating a Group

A company group meant for collaboration can be a fantastic way to get your company recognized in the crowd.

Updating Status

Update your company announcement on your profile status. It will help you get more reach on your page.

Asking For Recommendations

Ask your clients to give testimonials. These can work as “proof of excellence” tool.


Through LinkedIn DirectAds, start targeted ad campaigns based on seniority, company size, age, location etc.

Posting Job Opportunities

LinkedIn is a perfect platform to spread the information about your requirement for employees, interns or subcontractors etc.

Building a Company Buzz

Company Buzz is a LinkedIn app that tracks what is being talked about your company on Twitter and LinkedIn. It will help you understand the impact your brand has on the networking sites.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy and Its Importance

Marketing on LinkedIn needs a unique approach since the platform is not meant to market or sell services and products. But that’s also what makes it especially extraordinary. LinkedIn can generate 277% more leads than Facebook alone. Marketing on LinkedIn can profit your business like no other platform.

You need to put your brand in the limelight if you want to use the platform for marketing. Build connections. Give details about your organization on your profile as well that people can connect with your brand through you. Be active, join groups, post consistently and engage with the connections. Work on building your reputation on LinkedIn, and that’s the first step to a successful marketing of your brand.

[The original article was written in English. To other languages it was automatically translated by Google Translate]

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