We offer consultations on new and existing websites and will be happy to support with refinement of your business direction.

We always try to understand the client’s type of business, its competitive advantages, ideas, context and limitations. We try to identify the so-called quick wins, i.e. features that add as much value as possible with the least effort. Thanks to our global experience and knowledge of many business models, we know what customers are asking for in various markets or what way of communication they are used to. We always try to go in a way that makes sense to both parties.

The basis of a successful entry into the online market is the right strategy, we will be happy to think about it together with you and help you. We will also be happy to train you on web project management (recommendation of suitable tools, division of projects into phases, prioritization and budgeting).

Even if it is not a project on a green field. but a relaunch project, we are ready to analyze the previous site, understand what used to work and what didn’t, and define a new and better path together.

List of activities

  • Introductory consultation – presentation of your vision, establishing cooperation
  • Strategic consultation (greenfield project, relaunch, optimization)
  • Analysis and verification of business model
  • Competition analysis
  • Project management consultation