We design your website so that it is modern, relevant and usable, and at the same time meets your requirements.

We have a structured approach to web design. We have different specific procedures, depending on the type of site. We think about the information structure as well as the usability and effort to get customers to take action – such as registering or buying a product. We can also include advice on the type of domain on which the website should be and on which server it is hosted.

When creating a website, we also respect the human psychology and the various types of behaviour and ways of thinking, such as the use of short attention and deep concentration, text scanning, detailed reading and the ability to remember. This is very important to make the customer feel good on your site and happy to return.

We also use the following principles to help with conversions (such as successfully completing a purchase) and the loyalty of your users: Principles of reciprocity, social proof, authority and sympathy, feelings of scarcity and overall consistency.

We design websites so that they can “talk” to their customers and help build a long-term relationship with customers, as we are convinced that this needs to be pursued today.

We have our hypotheses verified and will consult with you the our steps.

List of activities

  • Web type definition
  • Definition of web reach (markets, currencies, languages)
  • Definition of touchpoints (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Definition of user groups, creation of persons
  • Creating a customer journey
  • Design of information structure of the website and types of pages (error pages, contact, landingpage, etc.)
  • Organization of workshops
  • Creating user stories
  • UX – User flow, wireframe