Comparison of Czech online shop solutions – Shoptet, Shopsys, ShopCentrik

Probably everyone who is interested in news from the field of business and trade has seen an increase in the popularity of online shops due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to analyzes and estimates, globally, there is estimated increase of about three to five times compared to grow, if there were no pandemic. A similar situation prevails on the Czech market. In short, people often have no choice but to order their goods over the Internet, because many brick and mortar shops are temporarily closed. However, the question remains whether such a rapid increase will be beneficial in the long run. But this is a matter of speculation and it is definitely not the content of this article.

On the contrary, the subject of the following lines will be a comparison of Czech online shop solutions, which will also allow you to set up and operate your own online store. There are, of course, a number of companies on the market that offer exactly this, but we have chosen 3 popular online shop solutions for you in advance, which are not only proven for years, but also allow access to the world of online shops with no or little experience.

Specifically, we bring you a comparison of Czech online shop solutions Shoptet, Shopsys and ShopCentrik, which focuses on their benefits for people who would like to set up their own online store, but also reveals their weaknesses.


Shoptet has long been the Czech leader among online shop solutions, currently 26,000 online stores using its services, which generate an annual turnover of more than CZK 35 billion. Its main advantage is that it is a comprehensive solution that includes not only the creation and management of the online shop, but is also allows connection to cash register systems, so it will make it easier for you to receive and for your customers to spend money in your store. You can choose from a wide range of payment methods.

At the same time, it is a solution that allows you to leave the complete implementation entirely to Shoptet. Creating and running an online shop will therefore cost you virtually no time – so you can rather dedicate it to the development of your business.

In Shoptet, they also rely on the modern design of all their solutions. Therefore, they are ready to supply you with an online store that will be clear and at the same time attractive to visitors. The same thing is paid to the good responsiveness of the website, the key is especially the speed of loading pages. In addition, you will also have a lot of power to influence what the online shop will look like – you can change its color style at any time or add extensions or add-ons you can do so by adding HTML using the editor included in the solution. The advantage of this editor for editing the online shop is also the intuitiveness of its operation, even a complete newbie can playfully handle it. On the other hand, the possibility of customization could be typically even greater, compared to the competition there is certainly and improvement area for Shoptet.

Shoptet will help with the security of the online shop and its marketing

As already mentioned, the Shoptet solution is really comprehensive and thus includes maximum security of the online shop and all data stored in it. This protects both you and your customers. Care is also taken to regularly back up all online stores, so at Shoptet you can’t lose everything after hacker attacks on your online shop. To make matters worse, it is also a solution that will help you make your store visible. It includes useful marketing tools and features to help you get more traffic.

There is also a need for analytical tools related to online shop sales, and you will also see them here (eg Google Analytics). In addition, they are used not only to analyze sales, but also, for example, to analyze the effectiveness of ads or to find the structure of the distribution of your customers (where they come from, etc.). This will allow you to get to know your customers better and target them better. This is especially desirable if you decide to go abroad with your online shop. The language versions of the online shop, which are also part of the solution, will also help you with this.

What else can Shoptet do?

A lot of thought was put into automating processes, so the Shoptet system will take care of practically everything itself, including, for example, preparing a list of goods sold for export, checking stock levels or preparing e-mails to send to your customers. So again, we are talking about great time savings. Shoptet also focuses on being able to provide maximum support for online shop owners. Therefore, whenever you think of something is wrong, or you have any questions, you can contact support – by phone, e-mail or online chat. Unfortunately, you will usually only receive immediate help between 9 am and 5 pm. an hour.

Last but not least, you need to look at the prices of this (not only) online shop solution. These start at CZK 289 per month – for such an amount you get an shop to which you can upload up to 100 products, and end at CZK 3,540 / month, for which you get a solution for up to 50,000 products. So if you only want an online shop and you want to solve other things yourself, then this solution does not seem to be very advantageous. On the contrary, if you want to take advantage of all the benefits offered by this solution, from cash register systems to analytical tools, then we can definitely recommend Shoptet.

Overall rating 9.5 / 10


  • A comprehensive solution that includes everything needed to create and manage an online shop
  • Market leader with many years of experience with online shops and cash register systems
  • A number of analytical and marketing tools
  • Ease of editing the online shop even for beginners
  • High degree of automation
  • Also thinks about the security and promotion of the online shop


  • Less possibility to customize the online shop and therefore not suitable for big players and brands
  • The support works for a rather limited time
  • Slightly higher prices


The second way to get your own online shop up and running is Shopsys. It is a solution that is intended not only for B2C clients, but is also intended for B2B online stores. It is therefore an online shop solution that is suitable for both smaller entrepreneurs and large companies. At the same time, it is a comprehensive solution that is ready to cover almost everything closely related to e-commerce. One of its main advantages is that thanks to it you can have an online shop created completely tailored to your requirements and specifics. This is the main difference compared to Shoptet, where it is mostly based on pre-prepared templates.

In addition to the fact that all the specifications of the online store can be determined by the customer himself, the great advantage is the speed of launching the online shop. This usually takes within a really short time interval, given that it is a tailor-made online shop solution. Of course, this cannot be compared with the speed of launching an online shop created from a template. However by preparing an online shop so that you can start selling through it does not end the work of Shopsys. This technology company also offers longer-term cooperation during which it can transform your online store into a full-fledged e-commerce platform, which will help you attract new customers and increase sales.

An open-source solution that can be easily connected to your internal systems

As already indicated, the main advantage of this solution is that it can constantly evolve over time, so you will always have an online shop that fully meets all the standards at the time. In addition, you don’t have to rely on Shopsys in this regard alone, but you can make the adjustments yourself because it’s an open-source solution. Not to mention the Shopsys Framework, on which the whole solution is based, which is one of the most modern and reliable technologies in terms of creating large online shops.

A welcome option is also to connect the online shop to any of your company’s internal systems (ERP, CRM, etc.). As a result, you don’t have to adapt the systems you use because of the online store, but on the contrary, it will completely adapt to them. It is also intended for your possible expansion abroad – it offers the possibility of using language mutations or foreign domains for your online store. The modern design and friendly user interface of the online shop are also meant in the same way. In short, Shopsys is here to create an online shop that your customers will enjoy and use well.

An online shop solution full of functionalities, but it can be quite expensive

So far, we’ve sung the Shopsys above all about praise, but what are the weaknesses of this solution? One of the most important is the cost. Given that this is a tailor-made online shop solution, it is necessary to count on hundreds of thousands of amounts for a medium-sized online shop, and we are even talking about amounts exceeding CZK 1 million in the largest online shops. Of course, the price is always approached by Shopsys individually and may vary. Furthermore, we do not consider the way in which the company’s offer is communicated to be completely transparent, because sometimes we got the impression that we do not really know what we will get for our money in detail.

However, it is generally one of the best, if not the best online shop solutions on the Czech market for large companies. Shopsys will make the most sense for them. However, thanks to a number of functionalities aimed at increasing sales, such as tools for cross-selling or connecting the online shop with the Mall Marketplace, the Shopsys solution will also pay off for smaller companies.

Overall rating 9/10


  • Tailor-made online shop solutions
  • Speed of creating a full-fledge store
  • The possibility of seamless expansion of the online store in the future
  • A large number of functions to increase sales
  • Design and friendly user interface
  • Ideal solution for large companies


  • Price intensity
  • Occasional confusion about what you will actually get


The last of the three Czech online shop solutions that will make it easier for you to create and use an online store is Shopcentrik from developers from NetDirect. At the same time, it is a solution that is intended both for B2C clients and for those who plan to trade or are already trading on the B2B market. Of all the mentioned ways to have an online store created, Shopcentrik is the most pro-client, because the store will be created entirely to your specifications – it will always be unique and professionally designed. In short, the result will be an online store that is fully tailored to your clientele and the products / services you sell.

At the same time, this tailor-made solution does not only apply to the creation of the online shop, but also includes everything from the initial analysis through technical implementation to the final training of employees who will be in charge of managing the online store. Due to the fact that the ShopCentrik solution is intended more for large companies, it is of course designed so that it can be connected to any ERP system that you use in your company. It is therefore possible to have an online store solution created that fully communicates, for example, with accounting, a warehouse system or an order fulfillment system.

Is the online store ready for a heavy load? Then ShopCentrik is a good choice.

The fact that the online stores created by it offer high performance and are fully optimized for high workloads proves that ShopCentrik is a great solution for large companies. So they are designed so that they are not a problem at all for a large number of people who will view the online shop and shop on it at one time. Likewise, online shops made with this solution are ready to place a large number of items without sacrificing their loading and the speed with which the pages can be used.

The developers of online stores from ShopCentrik also rely on the fact that their solution meets all the requirements for a modern and at the same time dynamic system for creating and managing online stores. This is also possible thanks to quality technologies and the three-layer architecture they use in their implementation. At the same time, it is a system that is based on modules, so it offers a wide variety of possible solutions. Of course, the final price of the online shop is based on the modules and functionalities used, which is variable depending on how long it took to develop it.

Managing an online store will become a toy that even a beginner can handle

What else is included in the Czech online shop solution ShopCentrik? For example, it is rich in a number of integrated marketing tools that can be used to manage marketing campaigns and track their results. There are also publishing systems that will make it easier for you to publish textual or audiovisual content. In addition, all this is wrapped in a user-friendly online store administration environment, which is easy to use and at the same time intuitive, so even those who have not been kissed by the administration of the online store can easily find their way around.

Like the Shoptet, ShopCentrik can be connected to a number of payment terminals to make it easier to receive money for the sale of goods. The receipt of money in foreign currencies and the possibility of translating the online store into several language versions are also supported, so with an online shop created with the help of this tool you can expand abroad without any problems. A very interesting option is the functionality that will allow you to pair your online store, or all the goods in it, with price comparision engines.

Overall rating 9/10


  • Creation of an online store completely according to the client’s wishes
  • Online shops can handle a high load
  • Modular system with lots of functions
  • Enables easy Online shop administration
  • A large number of marketing and publishing tools
  • Possibility of connection with comparison engines


  • Suitable practically only for large companies

Summary or What solution is best for you?

Of the mentioned Czech online store solutions, the only one that is intended primarily for smaller companies and private individuals is the Shoptet solution, which is also the current market leader. Thanks to it, you can have a professional-looking online shop ready in just a few hours, in addition to the basic variant for very affordable money (from CZK 289 per month). Of course, this price also includes a tool for the administration of the online store. On the other hand, someone could be discouraged by the small opportunity to customize the online store according to all your wishes and requirements – when creating it, it is based primarily on predefined templates.

So if you are looking for a tailor-made online shop designed for large companies, Shopsys and ShopCentrik solutions are suitable for you. The first-mentioned online shop solution is the most expensive, but in terms of price / performance it is one of the best. It offers, for example, several functions that will help you increase sales, in addition, it is fully adapted to the future expansion of the online shop. ShopCentrik is in a similar situation – however, this solution focuses even more on performance, so that the online store created by it are resistant to high operating loads and thus suitable for even the largest companies.

[The original article was written in English. To other languages it was automatically translated by Google Translate]

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