4 Beautiful Website Designs to Inspire You

Your website is your virtual business card. It is one of the first things potential readers, clients or partners will see, so you want to make the perfect first impression. If you are looking to build an online presence, then your website will be the cornerstone of it. You must create a website that reflects your brand’s vision and aesthetic. There are millions of websites online, making it the most competitive place in the world. To give you some inspiration for your graphics and webdesign, we have rounded up four beautiful website designs in different niches to show you how you can tie your brand into your website.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is one of the leading travel blogs, with over a million newsletter subscribers. This website brands itself as the “go-to website for solo and female travel around the world”, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Every inch of the website plays into the idea of wanderlust and travelling, inviting the reader to escape the real world and think about their next adventure.

As it targets a female audience, the colour tone is kept light with the tiniest hints of pink. The main page features postcard graphics introducing Kiersten to her readers, as well as an interactive map of the world to showcase her travel guides and to let you explore the world from behind your laptop screen.

The Viva Luxury

As the name would suggest, The Viva Luxury is a luxury fashion and lifestyle blog that reads like your personal copy of Vogue magazine. The website design reflects Annabelle’s self-proclaimed minimalism, focusing on an elevate the monochrome look while allowing the editorial style photographs to speak for themselves.

Highlight the most popular posts with a carousel, Annabelle can give a roundup of her brand to new visitors by highlighting her best performing content.

Minimalist Baker

When it comes to a recipe website, you want your food to do all the talking, and the Minimalist Baker is the perfect example of this. The earth tone and pale pink colouring reflect the undertones of the food without distracting your eye.

The website design has been created with an innovative feature to show you the dietary information for each recipe, whether it’s gluten-free or suitable for vegans. By allowing their audience to easier search and filter for recipes, the Minimalist Baker’s graphics and webdesign make it easier to navigate than your favourite recipe book.

Megan Hess

Megan Hess is a sketch artist who has made a name for herself within the fashion industry, with a product range based on her art and a client list that includes several major design houses. The homepage of her website reflects the quality of her craftsmanship with an animated sketch of a regal carriage being pulled down the street before arriving at a grand party. Every inch of her webdesign reflects the unique characteristics of her art, and video graphics showcase her portfolio of work that includes clients of the highest calibre. Megan’s website proves that sometimes less is more, even more so if your website acts as a portfolio for your creative work.

As you could see, there are many beautiful websites. Hopefully these will inspire you. Let us know, what do you think about them and also post websites that you like and tell us why.

[The original article was written in English. To other languages it was automatically translated by Google Translate]

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